The goal of this meeting is to set the foundation for everything we will be working on. We will review current contracts, address pending items, and dive into your wedding questionnaire details. We will also review a preliminary day-of timeline and your overall planning calendar. Most importantly, we will organize your wedding budget, discuss style, preferences and expectations, and vendor prioritization - starting with vendors who only do one wedding per day and therefore, book up the quickest.

After this meeting, we will source options for your priority vendors based on your criteria and provide you with vetted contracts and quotes. From there, you can determine who you want to meet or move forward with. As a reminder, we will help schedule meetings with vendors and attend most with you.

First Planning meeting

Pretty + Sweet meeting/ design review


Before your Pretty and Sweet Meeting, you will receive a design questionnaire to help determine your wedding day aesthetic. We will use this to build your vision board and begin brainstorming overall design including tabletop, rentals, and floral.

At this meeting, we’ll touch base on any updates you may have since our last meeting and make sure we are aligned on your budget and other details. Then, we will review your vision board and discuss décor elements in more detail. We will also go over additional creative vendors such as stationery and cake, working towards one cohesive design.

After the meeting, we will begin to build out your full design, based on our discussion. We'll meet again to review a complete deck so you can envision your day in its full beauty and begin to confirm production partners.

Your Details Meeting will take place 45 – 60 days out from your wedding day. At this point, we have been working together closely with you and your entire vendor team. This meeting is when all the details will start to come together. Your vendors are booked and the next few weeks will be spent tracking RSVPs and adjusting quotes and plans accordingly.

Details meeting


This is our final meeting before the big day! You are encouraged to invite your families so everyone feels in the loop and there are no surprises on wedding day.

We will review items such as your packing list, photo list, song choices, floor plans, ceremony diagram and timelines. It is important to note, this is not a time to make decisions or major changes, but a time to review all details and confirm everyone is on the same page. The best part of the Bowties and Bubbly meeting? There is bubbly, and there is cake! We will practice cutting the cake and how to properly toast so you are more than ready when the moment comes.

The next time I see you will be at your rehearsal, where you can bring us items from your packing list. As a precaution, please save the marriage license and any food or monetary items for the wedding day.

bowties + bubbly meeting





If you are wondering when you should start working on an aspect of your wedding or curious when we will discuss a certain topic, check out your Planning Calendar in Aisle Planner. This will give you a breakdown month by month of what you can be focusing on and what is coming up. Don’t see what you are looking for? Let us know!


Once you set a password, only Aisle Planner will be able to recover, reset or answer any questions
about login issues for security and privacy purposes. If you have questions regarding how to use
aspects of Aisle Planner such as the budget tool, guest list, or notes, please let us know.



Aisle Planner will tell you when your next invoices are due and how much you owe. With full service
planning, we will keep these payments up to date and make sure you are aware of what is due as well
as mark off paid amounts. If you have a partial planning package, you can choose to plug in your
payments as you receive quotes and refer to your Dashboard to see which of those are coming up.

The timeline is our number one tool when it comes to your wedding day. It is what we will send to
your vendors and reference on your wedding day. There will be a lot of details that you will not have
to worry about beforehand and especially on the day of, but that are crucial for us. Since so many
factors are at play, we limit access to editing. However, we will provide you with a bridal party
timeline that will have everything you and your families need to know. In addition, if there is something you’d like added, just let us know!


Please fill out the questionnaire at your earliest convenience. Be sure to upload any contracts or pending quotes you have. Once we have the questionnaire and documents, we will schedule your first planning meeting!

Policies + Guidelines

Wedding planning is so fun! But... we understand it can be stressful and we are here to help. For those reasons, we do follow the below policies to ensure you all have the best experience possible.


It is incredibly important you fill out the Welcome Questionnaire which includes providing all quotes and contracts
you have received from vendors. Your First Planning Meeting will not be scheduled until this is done. We ask this for
several reasons: Details, such as if you will do a first look, where you are getting ready, number of bridal party
attendants - all affect your timeline and budget, two significant items we will discuss. The questionnaire also ensures
we are prepared for your meeting with any questions or feedback instead of spending our time together getting caught up.


As a reminder, budget management is not included in Partial Planning. If you have a Partial Planning package and
would like to utilize Aisle Planner for your budget and invoice tracking, you are more than welcome to! However, the
Social Graces team does not set up your vendor invoices, payment schedules or due date reminders.

Hotel accommodations, including setting up and ongoing management, are not included in any base package.
However, hotel block management is available to book as an additional service if you'd like.

Bridal portrait assistance, including scheduling of vendors, is not included in any base package. If you would like to add on this service, let us know! We love a photo shoot.

Process and deadlines

After your Details meeting, please do not communicate with your vendors without looping in your planner.
Immediately following that meeting, we introduce ourselves as the new point of contact to your entire vendor team
and start working on finalizing details. Any conversations without us can lead to missed details and confusion.

Please provide final documents such as your packing list, song choices and photo shot list at least 10 days before the
wedding. These lists are incredibly helpful to your vendors and us in determining setup needs, photo time and accuracy when it comes to your details.

notes on aisle planner

AP is not synced with your vendors’ systems. Payments, new quotes, etc. must be entered or uploaded. If you have
a full service package, no worries - we’ll handle this for you.

AP does not send notifications via email if you upload a new contract, make a payment to a vendor, add a guest
list, make a design board or change a note. It only sends notifications if you comment on a design board or mark
something off your to-do checklist.

You will have access to AP for approximately one week after your wedding. If there is anything you will need
after that time, such as your guest list, please be sure to download it by that time. If you were to need something
after that point, don't fret! We can pull it for you.